Simple 2D Wave-Based Game.

If you would like to try the game demo, you can download the installation .exe from here.

Game Description

The game is a simple wave survival game where you have to keep fighting waves of enemies. There are also asteroids that will appear from any direction and will destroy anything that it comes into contact with. Power modifiers will spawn once at the start of a new wave and there is a small chance of one to spawn upon an enemy being destroyed. In its current state the current power modifiers are: no bullets, double bullets or triple bullets.
There is also a high score system in place. The current score of the game can be seen in the pause menu. Also, once the game is over, the high scores of the session are displayed and if you score makes it among the top scores it is coloured in green.
Multiple enemy types are in play; each with their own effect. The most common type are the ranged enemy who targets the player ship and shoots at it. Then there is the smaller ship which tries to ram into your ship. Lastly there is a supportive enemy type which cannot harm the player but gives bonuses to the nearest enemy ship. These bonuses include increased velocity and a higher fire rate. The enemy that is receiving these buffs have a green glow attached to them.
In its current state the game has two sound effects. Once for enemies being destroyed by the player and another sound to indicate that the player cannot fire its gun (due to the no bullets power modifier).

This simplistic and small 2D game was create in 11 days using C++ and the SFML library. The requirements for the game are as follows:

Game play features

  • Simple game states.
  • Multiple enemy types.
  • Power ups
  • Multiple levels / scaling difficulty.
  • High score system.

Technical features

  • Simple sound
  • Controller & keyboard support.
  • Simple graphics options.
  • windows 10 64 bit support.
  • Single file .exe game installer / uninstaller.


Mouse and keyboard:

Forward: Forward arrow.
Backwards: Back arrow
Left: Left arrow
Right: Right arrow
Shoot: Space bar
Pause: escape
Menus: Left click option


These controls only work for the Xbox 360 controller. Other controllers might have mapping issues.

Forward: Left thumb stick up
Backwards: Left thumb stick down
Left: Left thumb stick left
Right: Right thumb stick right
Shoot: Right trigger.
Pause: start button
Menus: Left thumb stick to navigate, A to select option.

Screen shots

Settings menu
Simple settings menu.
Game over
Simple game over menu.


There is also a blog regarding my thoughts throughout the development of this game. The link to the blog post can be found here.

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